12 February 2010

Sirromet Winery - Mount Cotton

We visited the Sirromet Winery at Mount Cotton, yesterday, after lunch in Cleveland. The Lurleens Restaurant there is well known. Master Chef Andrew Mirosch who is in charge, writes a weekly cooking feature in the Courier Mail's weekend magazine.

This vat is at the entrance to the restaurant. 

David is off to the Cellar Door where we had coffee.

Some of the wine sold at Sirromet


  1. You live in a most lovely land!


  2. Bill

    This place rings a 'bell'. Wasn't it at one stage under consideration as a venue to visit when we had that 2007 reunion? I think, Bill W. looked into costs and how we could transport over 100 plus people from the Sofitel to it? I think the "cost factor" ruled against it. Anyhow it sure looks pretty good. No doubt your wine cellars have been enhanced with new bottles?

  3. I think you're right, Eccles. Lurleens would certainly be big enough for a large function but transport would be a problem unless you hire buses as it is quite out in the sticks. Meal prices are a little high as well but the food is fabulous.

  4. Hic ! after that, did you lay under the table ??


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