11 February 2010

Lunch at Cleveland

Carol and David took me for an early birthday lunch today as they won't be here next week. The place was a surprise. They entered the coordinates into the GPS and I just followed her instructions. We ended up at the  Hog's Breath Cafe at Cleveland. Their steaks are just so tender. It was great.
I know the name sounds terrible but the meals and service are fabulous.I'm sure there will be more photos on Diane's blog soon.


  1. Eccles, speaking my Good Man.
    Yes, a rather "put-offish" name, not sure really if that is a word, but it will do. I have often been told that the steaks are very good, but the name was always a bit of a problem. Now having read a report from a connoisseur of the delights of "superior" epicurean "table d'hote", I have decided that I shall venture forth to the said establishment at Cleveland, maybe next Wednesday if I can arrange with QR friends who live in that vicinity.
    I have decided to have the "Garlic Mushroom Prime Rib" sizzled with mushrooms and garlic butter at the princely cost of, now here, is a problem, two prices $31.95 and/or $24.95.!!!
    I look forward to Diane's photos of the meals and of course the presentation. I shall take my "little piece of paper" with the times "Writted On It" so as to know that I will be on time.
    Ps: on my little piece of paper, it says 5.46pm!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Maybe they have a very, very hot kitchen? LOL


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