13 February 2010

Hog's Breath Cafe - Cleveland

By special request to one of our followers, 'HB' who requested to see the food served at the Hog's Breath Cafe at Cleveland, I oblige.
A very happy couple.

My garlic mushroom prime rib with vegies and curly chips. Ah and mushroom sause.

Diane's prime rib with prawns and béarnaise sauce.

Bon Appetite next Wednesday, Colin!


  1. mmmmmmmmm... That sure looks good. I can see why that is the place to go for good eats.

  2. Notice I didn't have CHIPS but a baked potato.

  3. Nice food. I'd like to go there.
    LOL. Max

  4. Dear lovers of fine food!
    After many heart wrenching attempts, I have now been informed by BB how to place a comment on this wonderful blog.
    Firstly, the date has been changed to the 24th. Hopefully no storms will be in the Brisbane region as happened on Tuesday 16th, I was stuck on a train! I shall be attending with two colleagues who have immense appetites. Both of large stature, who may take the appearance of my "private" body guards in case, my requests are not meet!
    With careful delibrations of the menu and views of the above photos, I have decided to have:
    The Prime Rib or New York cut sirloin ( rare and hopefully a thick one, which I shall request).
    The "Diane" selection of the Idaho Potato with a big dollop of sour cream with chives.
    On side dishes, I shall request a small green salad with French vinaigrette.
    A bowl of the Bearnaise sauce to place as I see fit on the rare, thick, juicy steak. No way will I tolerate them pouring my selection of sauce over my steak and "Idaho" potato.
    I also, just may, select to have the fresh corn cob with oodles of butter!
    We, my colleagues, and I, expect to arrive at said venue at 1.00pm after two libations of 4xxxx light for me, and whatever they drink at the Cleveland Bay Hotel, just across the road.
    Now BB and DB, a choice of red? What within reason would you suggest? I certainly can think of some, but the price, of such is out of reach. I think a Barossa Red or a Hunter Red of the Cabernet Sauvignon style! Your suggestions would be most welcome.
    Such a pity of the strange name! ( Hog's Breath) Quite terrifying to many I should think.
    My report of this enterprise shall be posted on the 25th for all to see.

    Most respectfully
    "HB" Eccles.

  5. Oh dear!
    If my doctor should ever see the above, he'll have me in rehabilitation. He informs me that for my health I should eat noodles, rice and steamed chicken. When told of this, I, with a certain feeling of "telling a lie" - inform the dear man, that I am following his instructions for the benefit of my health. I hate all his suggestions! He gets on his "high horse" re: chicken and the chicken skin. That is what I like best!
    If Alexius my doctor, does see this, please tell him, it is someone else! Why should I not please myself on my eating habits, be they good or bad?

    HB ( who doesn't follow medical advice, when it doesn't suit)

  6. I am jealous....


  7. The prime rib looks delicious and I like that there are lots of veggies on the side.

  8. Wow that looks delicious !
    I also heard that it was your birthday so I wish you a very happy birthday and all the best !

  9. I went to this place today for lunch. Thankfully the weather was beautiful and cool.
    I had exactly what I have written above, as I took this "copied" with me. My colleagues were horrified as I requested from my "little piece of paper" my requests. They almost chocked on their beers when it was my turn to order when out appeared the paper! The waitress, charming young lady, thought it was a great idea to know exactly what a patron desired and how to be served. That shut the mirth and horror of my two colleagues up! However, I have my doubts that they will venture to a restaurant with me again if I have a "little piece of paper"!!!
    The meal appeared exactly as ordered and virtually melted in your mouth, however, next venture there I will have the Steak Blue! Now that will really test them - it is either done excellently or is a complete disaster - no in between with that way of cooking! I shall also have the steak with the "red wine jus" instead of the bearnaise sauce.
    One of my colleagues had the chips - I think BB reported somewhere else that the "curly chips" were "made in heaven". I tried one, it was terrific, but as you can see above, the chip rings resemble calamarie! I can assure viewers that they are far better than calamarie! As a libation I selected a glass of Saltrams Cabernet Sauvignon, a very wise selection I can assure you. So, Callie, "Anonymous", Linda, Squirrel Queen and Gattina - find out where one of these "strangely named" restaurants are, check the menus, get out your little piece of paper and write what and how you desire your meal to be served and it is "BON APPETITE". You will not be disappointed.
    A full report on the days events is being prepared for Diane, Bill and a couple of others!
    And now to slumber land to dream of my "days intake".
    Eccles "HB"

  10. Oh boy this blog is making my mouth water! Literally! I'm going to raid the fridge right now!


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