01 February 2010

King tides on Queensland coasts

A huge weather system is moving along the Queensland coast, causing king tides and flooding in low laying areas. Sandgate's Flinders Avenue, where we frequently go for fish and chips with David's parents has been affected by the high tides. Here are some pictures from the Courier Mail newspaper:  
Today would not have been a good day to go for fish and chips.

Children are not worried about the waves crashing over the footpaths  

Luckily it's summer and the temperatures are warm

Meg Male braves the waves in Fifth Avenue at Sandgate

This is turning into a water slide.

Fifth Avenue at Sandgate.

For children it's fun.

One good thing is that the temperatures have dropped, today and tomorrow to 28ºC (82.5 Deg.F)


  1. Wish I was there splashing into it.

  2. Hi BB

    That is absolutely so stupid to allow those small kids to be so close to those waves. One extra big wave and it would be "bye bye kiddo".

  3. It really does make a difference that the temperature are warm. When the ocean in Santa Cruz breaks in on town everyone gets out of the way and it is a "disaster" not an opportunity for fun. Neat photos!

  4. I have never seen waves like that (of course I don't see waves in Colorado), but I have traveled a wee bit and it's always normal. Then again I suppose a King wave could be normal for differnt times of the year.

    I do agree with Colin letting people play whereby they could be sucked into the ocean is really rather dumb. But then again people are dumb until a 'happening' and then they get wise.


  5. It looks like a flood. It is interesting to know that King tide is not a scientific name and it happens when the earth and sun are closest together. Great pictures.

  6. Looks fun, and a wee bit dangerous.

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