15 April 2015

A River Walk

The Blogger thought I needed a walk. So we jumped on a train at Kuraby to Roma Street. On the way, I discovered I left my SD card in my computer and didn't take a spare one with me, so our last talk at the camera club came in very handy. "Phone Photography." So all those shots were taken with my iPhone, except the bridge with the train was taken by the Blogger.

At Roma Street we changed from the Beenleigh Line to the Ipswich Line for one stop to Milton.

The station is in Park Road, a yuppy Restaurant and Cafe street. It was getting onto lunch, so we stepped in at the Coffee Club for lunch.

After lunch, we ambled down to the Brisbane River for our  walk back into the city, along the river bank.
Outside BWS Bottle Shop

Park Road Milton is wall to wall restaurants and Coffee shops.
Milton has a new ferry terminal 

View of Brisbane from Milton

Two city trains cross the Brisbane River
Officially the Kurilpa Foot Bridge, also known as the fiddlestick bridge
 There is a cycle way and footpath all the way from the city to Toowong (3.8km)

The cycleway and footpath along the river
The Gallery of Modern Art across the river at South Bank

At the Brisbane Plaza, every Wednesday the farmers market is on so we took the opportunity to buy some natural honey. 

Finally we walked over the Victoria Bridge to South Brisbane station where we took the train back to Kuraby.

We walked a few kilometres today. I know the Blogger is happy. Me? I'm happy when the Blogger is happy!


  1. It was romantic walking along the river side with you.

  2. Phone cameras really are an alternative to a compact camera now. Fiddlestick bridge is wonderfully weird.

  3. That fiddlestick bridge always gives me a smile. It's so nice to see you two out and about enjoying your own city. So many people don't do that. The new ferry terminal looks good. But not as good as those pineapples at the market.

  4. I think you did a great job of getting photos with your iPhone. I really like the fiddlestick bridge. I think you share a popular American philosophy -- "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy"!

  5. That's the route I used to ride my bike to uni when I lived in Paddington. It's nice to see how things have changed, although the big sleep river is just the same. The Fiddlesticks bridge wasn't there of course. It looks a little like a yachting accident doesn't it! Keep up the walks Dad! X

  6. Great pictures with your iPhone... I am using mine more and more these days --although I still prefer my Canon. It's easy to take a picture on the phone and send it straight to Facebook. SO---I've been doing that some. AND---I love making videos to share (especially waterfall videos)...

    Glad you and the Blogger got some good walking done. SO HEALTHY.



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