22 April 2015

Open for Business

The office/classroom is ready for our first lot of students. The inside has been completed for a couple of weeks, We've been worried about the state of the aluminium sliding windows for a while. Some of the paint had flaked off over the years which had to be addressed.

The man came to fix new blinds

Paint is flaking off the aluminium frames
So the windows needed to be re-sprayed.
First I had to mask out the glass and the brick walls 

Then the spray can got some action

The newly painted windows

The front entrance to my new classroom

So yesterday we held our first class of this five week Movie making course for U3A. I only have eight people as the room is not very big.

The first of five lessons os the U3a Movie making class


  1. It looks great! I love seeing it filled with your students. A successful refurbishment.

  2. I'm sure your first class is going to be a as successful as the man-cave make-over.

  3. Oh how special.. Your new classroom is TERRIFIC... Congrats. You did a great job with the windows..... Can't get over that HUGE monitor... Perfect for teaching.



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