26 April 2015

Foul Weather in Sydney

My daughter Carol and son-in-law David live in Sydney. The last couple of days they had strange weather.

Carol sent me these pictures starting on Saturday when they went for a walk along the cliffs near their apartment.

She said, they went for a walk along the cliffs at Vaucluse to Watsons Bay on Sydney harbour.
The cliffs at Vaucluse

Watsons Bay on Sydney harbour
Shortly after they returned home, the sky started to go strange.

 It was getting darker and darker

The following shots are taken from Carol and David's balcony.

Then the heavens opened up

There was a severe hail storm hitting the city and it looked like a wintery scene somewhere in Europe

It must have been amazing looking over a wintery landscape in a city where snow never falls.


  1. It was freaky! Warm and sunny one minute- freezing and icy the next!

  2. Yipes...Looks like many places around the world are having bad weather. We had a severe storm watch out for here last night --including HAIL---but luckily, it didn't hit us!!!!! But--it's been a crazy 2015 so far for us weatherwise --so who knows what could or will happen. Carol-Ann got some great shots of the storm....


  3. Bill, one of my Kiwi nieces arrived in Sydney to work and had been at her new residence about 5 minutes when that storm hit. I don't think she was very impressed!

  4. Amazing! I'm glad they weren't out when the hail storm hit. That weather is even more changeable than Tennessee's weather!

  5. Lucky they weren't caught in it during their walk.


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