Fort Lytton

02 April 2013

An Outing to Mt Coot-tha

Bernie's Mum and Dad are cruising around Australia. They docked in Brisbane on the Dawn Princess this morning. We picked them up and took them up to Mount Coot-tha. First to the Botanic Garden where, after a walk, we all had lunch, then up to the lookout for a few shots and coffee.

My family gave me a HDR (High Definition Range) program for my birthday, so I had a chance to try it out. All of the images here are in HDR.

The Dawn Princess where we picked up Helen and Neville.

We admired the star gazing statue at the Observatory first

We saw a funny chair in the Fern Garden at the Botanic Garden 

Not being a botanist, I just had to admire the plants

A bird of paradise plant


And a stone rose

Overlooking Brisbane from Mount Coot-tha

We had a good day and enjoyed Helen and Neville's company. They sailed out of Brisbane just after 6 PM and now on the way north to Airlie Beach.


  1. It was a nice day with nice company.

  2. Nice one Bill!

    Looking forward to our 432 day holiday!


  3. Fox was disappointed Grandaddy wasn't in a photo!
    Hope you all had a fun day.

  4. I am jealous ! what a beautiful tour !

  5. I'm glad you had a good day- I love that sculpture of the rose- it's kooky

  6. Terrific photos, Bill - love the stargazer statue!

  7. The Dawn Princess was here in Napier recently. These cruise liners travel such huge distances now and the world has become a very small place for even more people.


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