06 April 2013

U3A Blogging Class

We've just successfully ran two blogging classes here at our house for the local U3A (University of the Third Age) and we're very pleased with the students of the second course. Six of them have taken to blogging with gusto and have their blogs up and running like they had been blogging for a long time. This is very rewarding for us, the tutors.

Naturally, we created the lesson notes on a blog.
The Lesson Notes on a special blog

So for four Wednesdays, we met with the students in our living room converted class room.

The Blogger is teaching the class C76 the ins and outs of setting up a blog.

The students are very keen to learn.

Sometimes with the help of a little individual attention.

The lesson notes were projected up on the screen.

The projectionist at work.

Blogging was also the topic during the coffee break.

We're travelling for the rest of this term but we've been asked to run the course again later on this year. It was great fun for us to introduce more bloggers to the world.


  1. It is rewarding to see that we have helped others pursue a new hobby successfully.

  2. It is a hobby, isn't it? It not just spending too long sitting at a computer.

  3. I really loved the class, and will enjoy trying new things with my blog. The blogs you and Diane have created inspire me to aim for ‘bigger and better’. It was lovely to work with you both, and thanks again for your cheerful patience and great hospitality. Looking forward to keeping in touch.

    1. Thanks Meg, we enjoyed having you all here.

  4. That is such a great idea, that we started too ! Only they don't come to our house but we go to the people usually there are two or so. Mr. G twice a week helps people to learn to handle a computer as a volunteer for the city. They have a room with 9 computers in the retirement home of Waterloo. It's so important to keep our brain fit in our "old" days !

  5. Well done!

    I remember starting mine in 2005 and was instantly smitten. A big part of the attraction was how easy it was to set one up and just get on with the job of writing.

  6. I think you're doing a great and really useful job. I think Blogging can be a really important part of life if you want it to be and certainly not 'just' a waste of time as some would suggest.

    I set up my blogs to enable friends in the country I'm not living in at the time (ie New Zealand or Scotland) to know what I was doing because of the constant requests for information and photos and also as a sort of diary. That has generated even more friends and blog interests and even more extra-blogging correspondence. I am fortunate to have a very busy life and a lot of hobbies but many are not so fortunate (or may be housebound) and Blogland is as much a part of their real life as any other or, in some cases, is a major part of their life and communication with the outside world.


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