04 May 2012

Hold Your FIRE!!!!

On our visit to The Grove this morning, I saw this shop just made for my son-in-law David when he gets here after London.

David loves hot spicy sauces and here are plenty here to choose from.

They have hot ones, pretty hot ones...

Very hot ones and .....

Explosively hot ones....

I'm sure you couldn't take any of those on a plane....


  1. David is more than welcome to them, thank you.
    I am pleased that the likihood of you bringing samples back will be stopped at the customs barrier.
    The very thought of having lunch on your deck enjoying the epicurean delicacies of one chef supremo, William Bohlen, and having a little bowl filled with one of these head removing sauces to sample, is unbearable to think of.
    I can see a smirking dearest, Diane, suggesting, "Oh please try, Colin"!
    Whereupon, on placing sauce in mouth, a rocket propelled human will take off into cyberspace.
    No I suggest, just leave these newly found "food weapons" in sunny California.
    Colin (HB)

  2. uh-oh I suspect he'll be tempted with the explosive ones! chuckle

  3. He he. Nice one! Thanks Bill.
    I'm going to that place for sure...and I'd start with the hottest sauce.


  4. Bill, Diane, and families.
    Please let me know when David intends to fly unaided into the stratosphere! I should like to watch the launch from this side of the Pacific. Will you, David, be attired in superman clothing??
    Cheers and safe landings on Mars!!!!!!
    Colin (HB)


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