01 May 2012

Extra At The Grove

This morning on our daily walk to The Grove for Granddad's coffee, we came along the shoot of the US TV Show Extra. Now that won't mean much for Australian and European readers but apparently it is fairly big here in the States.

The crew is setting up the set

Lots of equipment was brought in

The stars of the show Maria and Mario

Here is a promo for an earlier show at The Grove:


  1. Ì note, William, that the one and only PARIS HILTON will feature on Wednesday 2nd. May, that would turn me off the show for ever.
    The Americans can keep that one.
    Nevertheless, certainly was an interesting "walkie" for that coffee "booster"!
    Now back to nappy changing, please.
    Oh, a brain explosion for you to feature on TV, take young "Banjo Foster" to the Paris Hilton show and have HER change the nappy! Now that would win the TV equivalent of an Oscar! A most brilliant idea from me, please don't forget that!
    Colin (HB)

  2. That's really neat and congratulations on your new grandson Bill. Just been over to Diane's blog and saw the good news. Going to catch up on all your other posts now.

  3. Been thinking about that 'Foster' and its combination with Banjo. Perhaps the 'Foster' came from Stephen Foster and his southern tunes, many of which featured a banjo.

    Just thinkin' ...

  4. No such elaborate scheme, Julie. Fox's middle name is William (after me) and Banjo's middle name is Foster (after Bernie's dad's middle name, Neville Foster Curry.

  5. Oh I didn't know about Neville's middle name. That's a nice family link.

    I'll bet it was interesting watching the shoot set up, were you tempted to ask the camera man if you could have his job?


  6. No Carol, but I asked him if he wanted to swap cameras.


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