06 May 2012

Banjo mixes with Show Business Royalty

Banjo is getting to know a few TV stars already. Brett Tucker who stars in the US TV series Spartacus: Vengance and Castle, called at the hospital to see little Banjo.

Esther Anderson called in yesterday to see her friends and check on the baby.

For our overseas friends, Esther, an Australian actress, played Charlie Buckton in Home and Away and was a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. Esther was also nominated for 2 Logies including the Gold Logie this year.


  1. Well William and young Banjo Foster, I have to admit I have never heard of these two members of Show Biz Royality.
    However, it was great for them to come to see the newly born.
    Now get that wretched Paris Hilton on the nappy changing act, that would be the scoop of the century!!! ha ha.
    Seems that Grossvati is having the time of his life in LA and mixing with the elite of Hollywood????
    Will I have to make an appointment to see you on your return??? (Joking of course, I hope????)
    Keep having fun with the Bohlen clan who are gathering in LA.
    Oh and let me know when David takes to the "WMD of the food variety", I will be so disappointed if I don't see him blasting off into space.
    Cheers mate and keep up the reports.
    Colin (HB)


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