08 May 2012

Fairfax High School Flea Market

We went to the Fairfax High School Flea Market yesterday, Sunday, and it was quite an experience. Flea markets are quite different over here from ours in Australia. There are lots of antiques, new and used items.

The market is in the car parking area of the high school, which is quite big.

It's a horders' paradise. Just as well we are here only with suit cases or I might have bought a few items.

Fox loved all the used toy cars and Papa was conned into buying a new addition to his car collection.

Photos by Diane


  1. Hmmmm! Very interesting. I think the red and black beach shorts in photo #2 would have been a good purchase for you to have made for your "walkies" with Diane in the parklands around Brisbane. At least you could be seen and not likely to get lost! In this same photo I took a liking for the long sleeved black, blue and white stripped shirt.
    Good God, imagine how long Dennis Burrell would be there as he rummaged through all the antique stuff. He'd be there from dawn till midnight, or for the whole period that the place is open!!!!
    Maybe go back next market day, and buy those "stunning" beach shorts!
    Cheers and keep having fun.

  2. ooo ... matchbox cars ... WE are into MBC ... but dont seem to see them at flea-markets over here ...

  3. Didn't see any of those in the flea market. But what I forgot to mention in the post, there were lots of historical costumes for sale. Theatre companies would have a ball stocking up from Marie Antoinette to Colonel Custer , as well a John Lennon and Mick Jagger. Unfortunately I didn't see any yellow pants for Colin.

  4. well now this means I better get a bigger suitcase!!


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