15 May 2012

Universal City Visit

Today, Carol my eldest daughter and I visited Universal City, well, you've got to do it when you're in L.A. We had a couple of Front-Of-Line passes which enabled us to bypass the long queues everywhere.

First we did the Studio Tour which took us through the backlot of the studios through the sets of their movies and TV shows. The first set was of 'The War of the Worlds'.

Then we went through the set of the TV series 'Bones' just as an earthquake hit the railway station we were driving through and a tidal wave flooded the station. All very realistic.

You all remember the movie 'Psycho?', well we drove past just as Norman Bates loaded a body into the trunk of his Fairlane 500. He saw us and chased us wielding an enormous knife.
Then we bumped into the Keystone Cops and one took a dislike to me and once again I got arrested in Los Angeles.
And finally I took a job on a street gang in New York.

It was a great day out. Well, as I said, you've got to do it.


  1. OMG - Words fail me. Norman Bates after you, that I would have loved to have seen, hope you were not trying the shower in that motel??
    Great to know that the holiday is just so full of surprises - keep having fun mate.
    Next shot please, David going into space courtesy of the "variation of WMD a la THAT Sauce"!
    That will be a highlight, not so sure if dear Carol-Anne would agree with me on this one - ha ha!
    Weather report: Fine sunny days, this morning down to 9 degrees celsius - My idea of freezing! Can't understand how my Austrian genes won't function?????

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Bill, but could you not have so many run-ins with the cops when you are away from home.

  3. I gather it is set up like a theme park, with actors and the like. I remember Psycho but that is about all. I think it would all go above my head ... and even give me a headache. Fancy there being queues ...


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