30 April 2012

Life in Los Angeles

We've setled into a routine here in West Hollywood. After breakfast we usually take Fox to a local park, And just past the park is The Grove, a mall with adjoining markets.

The Main Street of The Grove

My favourite Apple Store is at The Grovee

Advertising signs on lamp posts at The Grove

Good little boys sometime get rewarded with Ice Cream

Home again and Fox starts working with his tool set.


  1. Great shots Bill, or should I now call you Grossvati, the second!!!
    Wow, a carless street in LA! And clean also??
    Certainly appears very up-market, and so I suspect expensive?
    I am presuming that is a toy tool set and I bet pounds to peanuts, it was Grossvati II, who gave it to the young fella???
    Keep having fun, especially when it is your turn to change the nappies!! ha ha. No shirking this duty, thank you.
    PS: Weather report. Looks like a pleasant day, that is at 6.30am. Things change rapidly here as you well know.

  2. Are you sure this is LA with such a clean street and not a car in sight or is it a mall type area were cars are not allowed.......

  3. I like the look of that drill.

  4. I like the sound of your routine. I'll bet Foxy like the ice-cream too! Great drill x


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