21 July 2010

U3A Camera Club Outing - Part 1

I went on an outing today with the University of the 3rd Age (Redlands) camera club. First we met at the Underwood Park for a walk around, then we had morning tea and afterwards visited the Buddhist Temple next door.
John is concentrating on the bird life on the pond.

Noisy Myna

A Cormorant

A log

Irish Bill in action

Aussie Bill in action

A handy tripod

A white duck

Another tree tripod shot


  1. I wish I had been with you instead of at work.

  2. You sure had a cool good time! When are you and Diane leaving on your trip to Canada?


  3. Rather than photgraph this - "Noisy Myna" - why didn't you shoot this horrible bird, which is killing all the natural bird life?
    No finches, wrens, willy wagtails, even lorrikeets etc. etc. here where these "mongrel" birds have taken over.
    The more people know about these wretched things, the better. I even saw two of them trying to attack a crow today. They are just so horrible - I hate them.
    Colin (HB)

  4. Beautiful shots! My favorite is the Myna, but he sounds like a pest.

  5. Dad! These are really great shots! You should do more still photography!

    I think the University of the 3rd age is a brilliant idea!


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