29 July 2010

A new Door Bell

For some time I've been sick and tired of replacing batteries on our door bell. You put new ones in and the thing works for a few weeks only to stop again. So now I went hunting for an old-fashioned manual door bell.
I found a solid brass bell which I've now installed at the front door. See how that goes. Oh and I have super-glued all the bolts and screws.

I like it. I just hope we can hear it everywhere in the house.
If not, they have bigger ones.


  1. Bill

    If it is anything like the similar door bell in the house across the road from me, it will wake the dead!
    Colin (HB)

  2. The door could do with a coat of oil before you put it on show to the rest of the world.

  3. It was really a nice idea. The bell looks fantastic. And it is ecological. Well done, Bill.

  4. Bill, A great idea and I like your new bell.

  5. We use something like that to call the men in for lunch!


  6. We have one of those, but the dog lets us know we have visitors before they get a chance to ring the bell!

  7. Hi Bill, this bell looks really nice. You just gave me an idea, I have a very big Cow bell which would do a very good job. We had a nice gong, but Peter did not hear it any more so he installed a very old fashioned bell to ring but it has such a harsh terrible sound, I always get a shock when it sounds. (Peter does not always hears this one, perhaps the cow bell! Grueassli T.

  8. I like it! Great idea Dad, it suits the character of the house very well!


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