Fort Lytton

10 July 2010

Carnarvon Gorge

I cut a little movie clip of the fabulous Carnarvon Gorge in Central Queensland we visited recently on our mystery tour. Then I added music composed by my son-in-law David from his CD 'Autumn Moon'


  1. Beautiful Bill! Takes me right back there, in my mind anyway. Must re-visit one day for a longer period of time. Ann J

  2. My goodness - that was excellent. You have hidden talents? The sound of the kookaburra actually made me look outside, thinking one was on the landing! Obviously the kangaroos are used to tourists?
    Well done.
    Colin (HB)
    ps: now where is the paint brush for the extra repainting job?????

  3. That's beautiful - the music is perfect for the pictures too.

  4. Wow so Beautiful!! Great movie Dad!

  5. so nice to see that Bill, good music and excellent movie...wish I was able to go and see more of the country myself



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