27 May 2010

Out with the old and In with the new

You have probably seen our new kitchen on Diane's Blog. The kitchen awaited us when we returned from Sydney last week. Here is what happened behind the scenes by Kitchen Magic, Keith, Jason and Joanne:

The old 20 year old kitchen is removed

Nearly all gone.

The old cork floor looked a bit worse for wear so we had engaged a new flooring contractor to straighten out all the bumps and squeaks of the floor once the old kitchen was removed. Again, Kitchen Magic came to the rescue by recommending the flooring contractor and helping him fix the old floor.

Before we left for Sydney, Joanne from Kitchen Magic drove us to Rocklea to inspect the fabricated kitchen cupboards and drawers and pick the handles.

The day arrives where the new kitchen is delivered. Joanne took this shot from their balcony.

Jason then started installing the new kitchen.

The new kitchen is in and all that remains to be done is fit the splash-back glass under the window and above the cooktop.

Again, if you want to see the finished kitchen, click here to see Diane's Blog.


  1. Congrats on your new kitchen. Who was cooking the first meal?

  2. That is easy to answer - the Swiss master will be doing that job. He is the "master of the kitchen", that's why it is painted white. It is to remind Bill of his youth as he flew down the the Swiss Alps on his skies!!!
    Wait a second, I think, someone told me he came down on his "bum"!!!!!

    Colin (HB)

  3. Thanks for showing the photos of the new kitchen magic happening. Love the new kitchen!

  4. I'm glad you weren't there when it was put in, it would have been scary seeing the entire kitchen removed a the big empty space!! It sure turned out well though didn't it!
    Love Carol

  5. This is a beautiful kitchen. I saw the pictures at Diane's blog. You both must be very pleased. I renovated mine last winter I think. Nothing better then a nice kitchen because we spend so much time in it! I mean I spend so much time in it, Peter is hopeless when it comes to help in the kitchen! But he makes a nice vegetable garden which compensates!! Gruessli T.


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