Fort Lytton

08 June 2010

Bear Park Berne

The baby bears, Urs and Berna, are out and about with their mother Björk at the Bear park in Bern. See what they're up to:


  1. Awwwwww poor tree. Good mamma bear looking after baby bear.

  2. Hilarious Bill - great post.
    Diane: The young cub should listen to it's mother and not go climbing little scrawny trees - very dangerous! Obviously it could not descend, so the alternative was for Mama Bear - "I'll get you down, come hell or high water". So down came tree and cub.
    A very sensible Mama Bear.
    Score card:
    Mama Bear 1.
    Naughty Cub 0.
    Tree to be replaced!
    Colin (HB)

  3. Doesn't anyone like the little bear cubs of Berne?
    I think this is one of the best of Bill's postings.
    Just wondering?
    Colin (HB)


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