Fort Lytton

15 May 2010

Introducing my son-in-law, David

We are in Sydney presently staying with our daughter Carol-Ann and composer son-in-law David who has worked in London in the position of Composer-in-residence at the BBC Radio Drama Department. He has receently completed 35 episodes of the popular children's TV series Fireman Sam Series 6 and 7 as well as Fireman Sam, the feature movie, soon to be released in Australia.

David has now set up a studio in Sydney and is currently working on a couple of films and a show called Imageless Film Festival for the Powerhouse Arts Theatre in Brisbane. 
David in one of his his studios in Sydney 


  1. Yes indeed Diane & Bill!

    You know what? Now I can't get that "Fireman Sam" song out of my head. "And his engine's quite clean, Fireman Sam....."



  2. Please to meet you!!!



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