04 March 2010

Queensland is flooded

A big part of Queensland is flooded after heavy rain for the past week. Hundreds of Queenslanders have been evacuated to emergency centres because of flooding. 

Picture from the Courier Mail shows Farmer Sheppard with his sons splashing in the sodden paddock.

The rains will add hundreds of millions of dollars to the Queensland economy but have come at a price to bush towns swamped by some of the biggest falls in years.

One good thing is that the combined dam levels for the Brisbane area were yesterday afternoon 82.3% the best levels since 2002.


  1. I have been in the outback in September. It was so dry. I am glad for the graziers and farmers out there to get such a good rainfall. Also for us the dams are full, Hinz dam is overflowing.

  2. BB

    That is what you call "joys of the eyes of the graziers and farmers" - the inconvenience is nothing compared to the end result. It is GREAT!
    Those "muddy kids" and note carefully how trim and taunt they are, are having the time of their lives. Great posting - I love it.
    Cheers mate and well posted

  3. How much fun is that! I can understand playing in the rain and mud. I love it when the dams would fill. No/low water is such a bummer.

  4. They sure look happy! Rain - we either get too much or not enough, but these clouds seem to have a silver lining.

  5. When the water comes it is more than lovely!


  6. What a great blog! I enjoyed searching through.

  7. I love that shot! Having fun in the mud, I remember the days!


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