19 March 2010

Ormiston House

Coldstream Guard captain Louis Hope, a scot, arrived in Brisbane in 1848. He established the first sugar mill specifically designed to crush sugar cane. He built Ormiston House in 1854 and married Susan Frances Dumaresque with whom he had three sons and five daughters.

Ormiston House, now a museum can be visited on weekends.
Ormiston House stands in a wonderful garden

The Hallway

The Dining Room

The Drawing Room

Mrs Hope's Sitting Room

Captain Hope's Study

The W.C.

The Laundry

The Kitchen in a separate buiilding

Captain Louis Hope, had a dispute with a neighbour who sued him for not crushing his sugar cane, when the mill broke down and needed new parts sent from Scotland. The court found in favour of the neighbour and ordered the captain to pay the man £1,200 compensation. This upset Louis Hope so much, he took his family back to the UK and settled in Derbyshire in England. 

The Carmelite Convent next door

Today, Ormiston House is now owned by the Carmelite nuns who's convent is next door.


  1. It was an interesting day and a beautiful old house kept up well by volunteers.

  2. Thank you for the history tour. The house is beautiful and so well looked after. It looks very liveable.
    It is nearly a pity that nobody lives in there any more. I am impressed with the toilet and the laundry, it must have been the height of sophistication.

  3. What a beautiful house. Taking care of property like this must be such a joy. Thank you and Diane for sharing with us.



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