29 January 2010

Visit to GoMA

Yesterday we visited the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane to see the 6th Asia pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT6). It was noon time so we had lunch at their fabulous restaurant.

Diane of course had her camera.

I was intrigued by this installation.

This chap got a little tired walking around.

Someone removed a couple of table legs here

The flower people are marching


  1. It's been a long time since I have been to a museum. Things have changed. Thanks for the walk past the exhibits. Very interesting!

  2. Maybe he became bored stupid!

    "This chap got a little tired walking around."

    I actually think I would prefer to watch grass grow than what you were looking at.
    Maybe I am not the "arty" type, but it all, what is shown looks rather bizarre!
    Still it is a day out and in airconditioned comfort and that's what is best these days.
    I have looked at this one:

    "Someone removed a couple of table legs here".

    As Pauline Hanson was wont to say of years ago on TV - please explain!????????

    Makes no sense to me whatsoever!

    Obviously not a lover of modern art

  3. There were some way out installations but they tickle your brain. It was good to hear that David and Carol (Conisseurs of art galleries) thought that GoMA is a great Gallery.

  4. BB - the "chappie" having a rest! He was still there today! I walked over to him to tell the fool to get up! For those others who were fooled, "he" is a statue or whatever!
    I informed the security person of this blog - he couldn't stop laughing - how embarrassing!
    Now as for the "toilet paper" display, it looks even stranger on closer inspection, I was unable to find what it was about. And why didn't either of you tell me that those darn TV displays talk! I was fasinated at one silly looking mug shot when it spoke. I darn near jumped out of my pants!


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