25 January 2010

A family Outing

Having the family staying with us at the moment is great. Daughter Carol-Ann and husband David returned from England and daughter Sonya with partner Bernie, came up from Sydney. At the same time, Bernie's sister Margaret and husband Jason with their children Georgia, Lauchlan and James were on holidays at Mooloolaba on the sunshine coast where Bernie's brother Steve and partner Nadine live. So we all drove up there to meet them at the Mooloolaba Surf Club for lunch.

From left to right: David, Carol-Ann, Nadine, Steve, James, Lauchlan, Margaret, Gorgia, Jason, Sonya (with expectant grandson), Bernie and Bill - (CLICK TO ENLARGE)


  1. Great shot! Like the blured background too!

  2. Liquid lunch?
    Good to see that David retains the yellow tonings - and sitting opposite you! You, BB, are not having nightmares I hope? I'm looking forward to Diane's report with the food (?) being displayed. Carol-Ann has certainly got the "impish" looks of her Mother, Diane. As someone said on Diane's blog - "peas in a pod".


  3. Isn't it delighful to have everyone present! ( the food bill can also be a real shock, but oh Well).

    We have four children and of course that makes for a huge family when we all come together.


  4. I have no idea but the next time I need a chest of drawers, I'm calling you. :)


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