21 July 2009

Tschaikowski or Madness? You judge

I know I've done it before. I just love editing vision to the beat of music. So I recently recorded the 3rd Rugby League "State of Origin" match between Queensland and New South Wales. While I think Rugby League is not really football and played by dubious characters, and would not normally watch these games, it is interesting material for an editing job and what better music than the "Nutcracker" Ballet by Piotr Illjitsch Tschaikowski to have a little fun with.

Ok, ok, I've got it out of my system. I won't watch another one of those silly matches.


  1. Well Mr. WILBO, a different "ballet performance"! I am not a fan of rugby football, but this is good, I mean the music makes all the difference, to me!

  2. Now you have created ART!


  3. Its not really ballet but nearly.


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