21 July 2009

A little philosophy

I saw this in a shop window and thought... that's me...


  1. I brought some Idaho trout home with me. If you were here - or vice versa - I'd let you cook them. Mmmmmmmmm......

  2. That's a compliment for me.What happened to the quiche tonight?

  3. We had a darling friend, unfortunately he is not around any more but he mentioned once to me:" I am glad my wife has not yet poisoned me, because I must have had a certain look on my face when I was in their kitchen to help with the dishes.The dish washing rag was also used to clean the floor and the dishtowel was black and greasy and from the soup we had to discard discretly some flying insects! Because the lady of the house left the soup standing overnight without a cover! Very pretty serviettes were already used by previous diners. This is a true story!

  4. what happened to your should be the boat in there! I bet your enjoying boating now!


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