19 July 2009

My new boat

So here it is.

I just bought a new boat and decided to take 'er for the maiden voyage this past weekend.

This is my first boat and I wasn't quite sure of the exact Standard Operating Procedures for launching it off a ramp, but I figured it couldn't be too hard.

I consulted my local boat dealer for advice, but they just said "don't let the trailer get too deep when you are trying to launch the boat".
What am I doing wrong?
Well, I don't know what they meant by that as I could barely get the trailer in the water at all!

It was a long way home on foot. I am thinking, I might sell the boat...


  1. Never a dull moment with you BB.
    For one tiny moment I thought it was you and was expecting to see a shiny BMW in the water!
    My God DB would have killed you!
    Thus you survive to do more culinary delights - thank the good Lord!

  2. I knew straight away that would not be you! The picture is really funny, not for this bloke he got himself into a pickle. I am glad he is not a pilot! I do like your humour.

  3. Hilarious......although one has to wonder what on earth was the driver thinking?


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