05 May 2009

Repainting our decks

Diane's been in my ears for some time saying the decks need repainting. After leaving it on the 'back burners' for some time, we decided the long weekend would be a good time to make a start. So we went and hired a floor sander and got stuck into it. We're about half-way through the job.

The floor sander does a great job

The fiddly-bits have to be sanded manually

The hand sander is ideal for that

Then we washed the sanded areas

First the back bridge is ready for painting

As I said, we're not finished yet but hopefully will be by next weekend.
More to follow.....


  1. That looks like hard work! What a great thing to do on along weekend (not). Hope you had fun of sorts.



  2. WHO washed the deck?? Hey the back one looks good. Can't wait to see it all done at the front.

  3. Everytime I see a photo of that deck, I turn green with envy. I just love it. Maybe my next life. :)

  4. Boy is that a lot of work! Our daughter (one of them) needs to get her deck done. This is a cool post!


  5. Are you two CRAZY?! that looks like hard labor for a couple of oldies! That would make me sore for a week, I'll bet you hurt in places you didn't expect! Well just think it's better than a pain in the wallet....
    PS it'll look fab when you're finnished

  6. It is hard work but it will look beautiful and keep again for many years. The deck looks great. It must be a lovely spot to sit (not to sand) and have a cup of coffee and look out into the garden. We are renovating too. The house is 20 now and it starts to look a bit tired. It is fun to choose new colours.

  7. Looks like a job well done, I'm sure you will look at it for the next couple of years and be glad you put the effort in.

  8. What a clever pair of possums you are!


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