11 May 2009

The job is done....

The job is done, the deck is finished for another year or two....

The last coat is painted
A little bare without plants at the moment

Diane inspecting the job

Hopefully Diane will have time to put the plants back soon.


  1. Hey you did a good job. I only hope it lasts longer than the last time we did it.

  2. Again. I LOVE that deck. Love all that bush around it. And it looks VERY nice now.

  3. Mr. Swiss "Ace"

    What's this - Diane struggling up steps to put the plants back? What's wrong with you?
    Anyhow the result looks very professional - now don't let that go to your head!

    Huggibear (HB)

  4. Lookin' good Dad! The effort was worth it.


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