02 May 2009

Model Train Expo Brisbane 2009

It's a long weekend here in Queensland. I saw in the papers that there is a Model Railway Expo. Well I thought! Somewhere to go. However my better half was not at all enthusiastic to go, so I phoned my mate Martin, who is building a model railway in his den. He was working this weekend but was quite happy to have a couple of hours off to come along. So I picked him up at his workplace and we headed to the RNA Pavilion where the show is held. I was under strict instructions from Diane: "Don't buy anything!!" 

Martin is enjoying the exhibits

Lots of great exhibits

Steam trains, bridges...

more bridges..

.. an Australian Outback scene

Even the London Underground is present

...or overcrowded trains

Me, drooling. "I know dear.. I'm not buying anything...


  1. You are a good boy. You didn't come home with any.

  2. Took my now 8 yo son to a small one here in Adelaide recently .. came away with a computer program thats like a simulator - it was only $50 and dad took great delight in crashing the train he was driving.

    Its soooo good there is way too much to do/play with, but lots to learn first (which is where the problem lies - who wants to read instructions!)

    Cheers....Kim (Hosky)

  3. When I started reading your blog, I said out loud "There's no way he didn't buy anything!" hee hee perhaps you did, and haven't confessed yet?
    I remember that huge model you built in the spare room at 27 Wenlock Crt. I seem to remember alps and bridges? and trees made of painted sponge and wire...
    Looks like you had a fun day!

  4. I have always liked model trains. I had one as a child and I wish I had that set now. It would be worth something. They fascinate me though. I have always wanted to have a basement and model trains running through it with little tunnels, trees, and people. And a little engineer. Waving. At me. I would have gone to that show.

  5. When something like that comes along men become boys again. That is alright, I guess it is very tempting. Many did not have such toys when small so now comes the opportunity. I love train travel but there it stops. Jedem Tierchen sein plaisirchen. (Says I). As Grueassli. My Buendner dialect is waning! T.

  6. If i lived in Bris I would have come along too.

    I had a model railway built in the garage in the UK. Mine was a bit darker though...based around WWII. Burnt out tanks and soldiers everywhere.

    Hamleys in London sells all the Hornby trains sets here. You can even invest in Hornby on the stock market...(not very good).

    Ahh wish I was there...(though not to help with the sanding.) He he.



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