06 March 2009

Salvage of the US Airways A320 Airbus

The stricken US Airways A320 that landed in the Hudson River was salvaged in January.

The operation of the lift was hampered by swirling river currents and floating ice around the plane. The lift of the plane, its weight 39,500kg plus the weight of the water, took 8 hours through the night.

Here is a short clip of the lift

Once the lift was completed, the Airbus was loaded onto special road transport trailers and hauled through the streets of New Jersey, as seen on this short clip.


  1. What a feat. You've done a good job making the videos, great music for them.

  2. good stuff bill you need to send me instructions on how to make those videos and how to put them on the blog

  3. Incredible!!! I wanted to see that on television when they lifted it out of the river but I missed it and then I never got back to see if they had re-run it. Which they probably did but I don't have the news on alot. So I loved this. Jets are huge. Seeing them on a city street makes them seem so much bigger.

  4. Everyone of the passengers and crew, upon walking away safely, should have kissed the arse of the pilots pants,,,,, because that's what he used to fly the plane with. A brilliant job of landing a disabled jet liner.
    Cheers Bill.

  5. wow that's really interesting! I can't believe how lucky thoes passengers were. The pilot is a real-life hero!
    great little movies Dad

  6. My daughter lives in New Jersey and although she didn't witness this, her sister-in-law did and said she'll never forget the sight! I was flying to New Jersey and was about 2 hours behind this plane - we actually watched the whole thing on the seat-monitors on CNN....WHILE IN THE AIR! Kinda creepy for certain! So glad all went so well - a lot of pride in New York the next day - and the sight of all the ferry boats was an amazing thing to see.


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