24 March 2009

Diane and BB on 'Home and Away'

On Monday morning we left Bondi Beach and headed to Epping to the 'Home and Away' set at Channel 7. Bernard Curry who plays Dive Instructor Hugo Austin in the show met us at the gate and took us into the studio complex where they shoot the show. 'Home and Away' has been going for more that 20 years and consistently rates very high in all capital cities. The show can also be seen in many overseas countries. It was interesting to watch the technicians preparing the set for the following day's shooting. The Summer Bay cafe was already set up as was the police station.

Bernard Curry and BB are enjoying a cup of coffee

Diane joins Bernard and BB in the cafe

Inside the Summer Bay Cafe

Police Sergeant BB warns a suspect

As a film maker myself, I was thrilled to watch the Editor at work cutting the scenes in his editing suite. A little bigger and faster than my own editing set-up. I could only drool.


  1. fun was that! You guys have the best adventures. I pulled this program up on youtube this morning. Twenty years and the US has missed it? Sounds good.

  2. I'll bet you were having a ball on the set!! that was very nice of Bernie to give you a celbrity tour!!

  3. Sorry my photos weren't the best. I was so in awe that I forgot to check the settings. A film editors paradise for you.

  4. Ain't you the luckiest people on earth Mates? Cheers to Home and Away and You! Please don't apologize about the photos, they are great!


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