20 March 2009

Half Way

Hi Bloggers, Family and Friends,

We made it down to Sydney. No problems. We had a good trip and now we're enjoying visiting Sonya and Bernie.

Bernie just informs us that he is taking us on Monday on to the Set of 'Home and Away' at the Channel 7 studios in Epping. As a film buff, I can't wait.

More later,

All the best and be kind to each other,

BB and Diane


  1. We made it and the weather has been kind to us.

  2. Oh I'm so jealous. Yes I admit it! Seriously, hope you guys are having a fun fun time. Go for it!

  3. That photo.......

    Sonya is one lucky girl....

  4. Sounds like fun - how exciting - I've never known about the family side of celebrity - quite interesting to know they too are human! Have a great time :-0

  5. Thanks for your comment. You are right- the Bernese Oberland is a beautiful part of the world.


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