04 August 2015

Trying out my new Camera

I thought it was about time that, as one of the tutors of two camera clubs, I should invest in a DSLR, even though I am extremely happy with my Lumix TZ60 point and shoot camera which shoots in RAW format, the format I use for my photographs.

I looked around and considered buying a Nikkon 3200, but found that even though it shoots in RAW, it can't easily be imported with Adobe Lightroom 6. Then the Blogger suggested I should buy a Canon so I can use her lenses. Great thought. So off I trundled to the local Camera House where I got a very good deal on a mid-range Canon DSLR, the 750D, @24 Mega Pixel. and a 18 - 135mm zoom lens thrown in as well as a tripod. We already have a few other lenses I can now use.

My new Canon 750D

So, as we headed off to Bribe Island for a few days, I had a chance to try out my new toy.

This is a panorama view from our balcony on the 5th floor. Five pictures stitched together in Lightroom 6.

One morning we went for a walk along the beachfront. The Blogger, Mary and myself.

Mary and the Blogger
We had some stunning sunrises and sunsets Mother Nature provided for us.

Sunrise over the Pacific
At one stage, a cruise ship sailed by. I captured it holding the camera on the railing, even though it was way out in the distance. 
A P&O Cruise ship passed by - 1/30 - f:6.4 
Ornament 1/15 - f:5.6
Another day we visited the Bribe Island Art Centre where we found a short walk to an island lagoon.

Island Lagoon - 2/200 - f:3.3
The moon after sunset - 1/125 - f:6.3

And finally on the way home we stopped at Bongaree where I shot this Panorama over the Pumistone Passage.

I am very happy with the Canon 750D.


  1. Sounds like you had a good buy there and the photos are proof that you are getting good results. I have a Nikon 3200 and other than panoramic views I am very happy with it. I use Jasc Paint Sho Pro for editing so have no idea how Lightroom 6 works. Diane

  2. Bravo. Now no more spending so I can go on holidays.

    1. No! No more holidays so that I can buy another lens.

  3. It looks as if you got a great new camera. You've certainly captured some gorgeous photos. We really like our Canon 600Ds.


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