23 July 2015

A Day out with the Boys

A couple of mates from the Camera Club have asked me to go out with them on photo shoots every now and then. The Blogger was out playing tennis this morning, so Will, Michael and and I went into town to walk on the brand new river walk at New Farm. It was a cool morning to begin with but it ended up quite warm.

The river walk was washed away by the big floods a couple of  years ago. At the time is was a floating construction, not able to withstand the strong river flow during a big flood.

The new construction is now solid, so that it can withstand anything the river throws at it. (So they say).

The New Riverwalk from New Farm into the city

Will and Michael prepare their cameras

A City Cat comes by

Heading under the Story Bridge

The City Hopper is a free Ferry Service provided by the Council

The Kookaburra Queen, a restaurant ship

Will at work

Michael at work
 Then it was coffee time. New Farm, a Yuppie suburb is full of decent coffee shops. So we picked the nearest one for a cappuccino.

Then the house pet walked into the place,

You see right. It's a chook.

It's quite used to customers and doesn't mind picking up morsels.

And finally we ended up at the Story Bridge for a panorama
We'll do it again soon, I'm sure.


  1. I loved Brisbane and surrounding areas when we visited it some years back. Thanks for the great photos and the memories. Have a good day, another Diane :-)

  2. I'm glad they took you for a long walk. Go every Thursday>

  3. You've shown that this River Walk is a place to get great pictures. I'm looking forward to seeing more.


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