03 December 2014

We're heading Home

All good things come to an end, So is our USA stay. Today, we're flying back to Los Angeles where we have a few hours to kill before we board VA 8 to Brisbane,
VA 8 back to Oz 777-300ER

We'll miss a day  going back home. We arrive early on Friday


  1. Looking forward to a my own bed and shower

  2. Bon Voyage My Friends! I liked Diane's remark. It is always how I feel. I have enjoyed all your travel posts Bill, thank you!

  3. Safe trip home. And see you at Chistmas time! Message us as soon as you get home xxx

  4. VA 08 is now (Thursday 4th here) just south of New Caledonia and is expected in BNE at 0747 hrs - slightly late.
    Good news: Last night was great sleeping weather and this morning is pleasantly cool (5.30 am).
    Also on the weekend the weather will be cooler and possibly rain and - "yuck" - some storms, so sleeping the jet lag
    off will be not so bad - aircon or no aircon.
    I shall watch your approach on Flight Tracker from early morning tomorrow. Hope the flight is better than the one across. I always found the long range east to west flights far less exhausting - Jet Lag wise! Safe flying and thanks for the travel diary.

    1. Ooops - my map reading was not up to scratch. VA 08 was just north of New Caledonia, now 0615 hrs (BNE time) flying over that French Pacific "Provence" ( or whatever it is now referred to??).
      QF 016 is right up VA's rear.
      Looks like all ex-LAX and SFO flights to Australia - Delta, United also are behind schedule - must have those
      strong head winds???

    2. 5.45 pm Thursday BNE time!
      Just checked on your flight!!! Delayed at LAX for 35 minutes - your dinner prior to departure is NO EXCUSE for tardiness.
      Hope as punishment you are not put back in cargo???
      As a certain "Pauline H" would say - "Please explain!"

      Still saunaville - so much for that weather report of 90% rain for this 24 hours!
      Maybe you will bring some rain????? Please at least TRY.


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