03 December 2014

More of NuOrlans

Our last day here in New Orleans. Tomorrow we'll fly to Los Angeles and Brisbane. We had a great trip through some of the Southern States of the USA.

Our friends had plans for today, so the Blogger and I trundled off, once again to the French Quarter. We walked our obligatory 45 minutes to the the French Markets and bought day cards for the trams. They call them Street Cars here. We jumped on the first tram which took us into the city, then changed to another tram that took us to the Modern Art Gallery. Carol eat your heart out, except it was shut. No worries we say, let's go to the Gallery of Southern Art, next door instead. Guess what. It was shut also. So we walked through the Garden District, looking for a Coffee Shop. No success, so we jumped onto the tram again which took us to Bourbon Street. We walked one block up Bourbon Street but didn't find it exciting so we walked up Royal Street until we found Mr B's Restaurant which served us a wonderful lunch.

After lunch we walked further along Royal Street, all along capturing the French Quarter atmosphere.

Mid afternoon we walked down to the riverfront and took another tram for a couple of stops and walked home.

Does anyone realise what I am saying here? Walked, walked, walked. I haven't walked so much in years. Luckily that will be over tomorrow.

But! I did manage to cature some images along the way.


  1. We had fun on the street cars and you did well walking. Everyday a little less moaning. Keep it up I say!

  2. DIANE!!!! Be careful - someone may go on STRIKE - ha ha. The poor "William of Tell" was probably too exhausted to even utter a moan. My sympathies to poor Bill.

    No surprise that nothing was in action during the day on Bourbon Street.
    It only caters for night life.

    My God !!!!! You'll both sleep for a week if you are doing the MSY/LAX/BNE in one trip! Maybe a double dose of
    ear-plugs might be advisable. Have you checked your DOB's recently??? "Spring Chicken Hood" has long gone.

    25 years ago I did the BNE/SYD/HNL/LAX/ATL in one go!!!! 34 hours plus! Arrived ATL as "fresh" as a new born colt.
    4 hours later in bed from exhaustion for 24 hours - my great hosts went into panic and got the doctor from across the street to check on me - conclusion "total exhaustion" and just let him (me) sleep.

    Thanks for the Brennan's photo. I spew that I didn't research on my visit about it for that famous breakfast.
    You had to book well in advance!

    Start peeling the extra clothes off as soon as you depart LAX! It is "wonderfully" humid (saunaville) here.

    Cheers and thanks for the wonderful coverage of the trip - safe travels.

  3. One of our companions who travelled with us to Europe earlier this year visited his doctor after he returned. His doctor said the walking he done daily in Europe had improved his health no end and the doctor took him off one medication. Of course he has not kept the walking up once home.

  4. I know someone else won't keep it up when he gets home .

  5. Good post Dad, I love the photos. Yep you should keep up the walking though xx

  6. Strange how we can easily walk so far and for so long when we are on holiday! If only we kept it up when we got home. Your photos are fantastic!

  7. Congratulations Bill.
    Your photos of New Orleans are sharper that that of Fairfax travel writer Barry Divola. His three page piece appeared in the The Age Sydney Morning Herald Traveller Supplement last saturday, December 6. Divola drove from New Orleans to Memphis on highway 61. En route he called in at a bar in Clarksdale, Ms, co owned by film star, Morgan Freeman. There he listened to blues musician Terry' Harmonica' Bean. Now i know you heard jazz in New Orleans. But your pix trumped his, Billy B.

    1. My dear Richard.
      Never trust the press - Fairfax or Murdoch.
      See for yourself it the best.
      Regretably seems that in Nu Olans times have stood still.
      Not good for the tourism industry.


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