15 February 2014

Loggerhead Turtles at Mon Repos

We're now at Bargara, near Bundaberg. Close enough for a drive to the Mon Repos Turtle Beach for a look. We booked our tickets and rocked up at the time stated. We were told that at this time of year the hatchlings would emerge from their eggs and head for the sea. But like everywhere else on these occasions, they had their night off and we waited till 11.00 PM without any action.

But then we were called to witness the other big event on the beach, when a mother decided to come up the beach to lay her eggs. It was very exciting.

First, we visited the exhibition to learn a bit more about the Loggerhead Turtle.

Then, while we were waiting, the rangers gave a talk about the habit of these ancient animals and showed a DVD of the process.

 Then it was time to head for the beach. It was 11.00 PM by that stage. There was a near full moon so we had a little light to follow the ranger to the site, which was quite a distance away.

 The turtle had crawled up the beach and was madly digging a big hole with her rear flippers which work like a human hand.

 The ranger grabbed a couple of eggs to show us what they look like. The hole, the turtle digs is 40 cm deep, so that's where the eggs drop into.

 The rangers, then measure the turtle, note features and record the event.

 Finally, the turtle covers the eggs with sand and pats it down with her rear flippers again and after a short rest, darts back into the sea.

It was a fascinating experience.

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  1. It's an experience to be savoured but I do wonder whether the turtle doesn't get just that little bit stressed by loads of aien beings around her and the lights shining on her. Is nothing private these days?


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