17 February 2014

Burnett River - Bundaberg

We took a trip on the MS Bundy Belle on the Burnett River last Saturday, in Bundaberg. A very pleasant experience.

The MS Bundy Belle ready to depart
We saw a few fishermen out in their tinnies.
The gang (sans moi)
They were practising their rowing skills
The ferry terminal - we had a fabulous seafood lunch there
The Blogger enjoyed herself
There was a regatta on the river as well
And lots of pleasure boats
The Bundaberg Sugar Terminal


  1. I thought that was you captaining the dinghy, for a moment. Bundy Belle is a good name.

  2. For me this is as much a geography lesson as anything. My knowledge of the Australian East Coast is increasing daily. This is slightly ironic given the number of people I know and friends I have who either live there or are from there. Yet my first visit to Australia's East Coast (I've seen plenty of the West) won't take place until the 3 March this year. Even more ironic given that I only live 4 hours away.


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