Morning Mist - Tenterfield

02 November 2013

I have a visitor

Diane is over in Los Angeles on grandma duty. As luck would have it, Carol had to come to Brisbane for a client conference on Friday, so the dear girl decided to stay the weekend with her lonely dad. Everyone, 'Isn't that nice…  Aahhhh.'

So today we drove down to Cleveland for a steak at the famous Hogs Breath Cafe. It was great.

We came across this piece of art in the park
We're doing silhouettes at the camera club, just trying
Looking forward to lunch
Cheers, Dad!

Nothing like a slow cooked steak and curly chips

Cheers, everyone!


  1. Ahh, bless. Smile on my face. Pity about the beer brand.

  2. How nice to spend some time with your daughter ! The food looks delicious !

  3. Lucky Dad; You have lovely daughters.

  4. It was a fun day Dad. And delicious too

  5. I see all those curly chips tut tut tut.


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