25 October 2013

A Quiet House Again

Just dropped the Blogger off at the airport this morning. She's on the way to Los Angeles, once again on another stint of babysitting.

I followed her flight, QFA16, a Boeing 744 (747-400 really) on Flightradar24, until they disapeared over the ocean, out of radar range.

Engines started

Taxiing past the International

We're up 3,575 ft over the city

Turning right over Alderley

Heading north

And out into Moreton Bay

Over Straddie into the bay

and out over the Pacific

Now! What am I going to do????

A spot of lunch I think, then I need to get some beer...

Bye bye love, have a good trip.

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  1. I thought she was heading in my direction until the 'u' turn.


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