16 August 2013

Papua New Guinea 45 Years Ago

I was rummaging through a box of old stuff and came across some slides I took while living in Papua New Guinea between 1967 and 1970. So they are 45 years old. I pulled out the slide scanner and got to work. After I converted them into digital format, I had to do some serious manipulation of them to bring them up to reasonable standard, removing tons of grit and scratches.

Here is the first batch, subject 'Markets.' They used to be and most likely still are an integral part of life in Papua New Guinea

Village life congregates in the local markets.

Traders and customers walk for miles to get to the markets
 The sign below tells people that the local council has set the sales process for food which traders must adhere to:
Carrots - 6 for 1 Shilling
Corn - 10 for 1 Shilling and so on

The official price list is quite clear

The sign below, in pigin inglish, proclaims that:
Men and Women cannot buy food and spit all about in the market or will be taken to court and will be fined $200 or even go to jail.

Do not Expectorate

I had a chat with these two brothers who walked for two days to get to the Goroka Markets with a few bananas and some root vegetables.
These two brothers walked for two days to sell a few items.

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  1. A market with fixed prices is rather strange. Great photos.


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