08 August 2013

Michelangelo at Work

Our house needs painting, inside and out. In the past, we've engaged painters to do it. But now that we are retired and have spare time on ours hands, we decided to have a go at it ourselves. At least the interior. For the exterior, we'll have to get a professional company in. So off we trundled to the paint suppliers, picked up the necessary tools and paint to start the interior.

We started off with the back entry (not shown) then we continued along the kitchen wall.
The kitchen wall before we started

Preparing the wall edger
The edger makes it easy to make neat corners
Our ceilings are quite high (5 meters) so out came the tall ladder.

Edging the ceiling joint

You know me, I've got to have my coffee
 The edges done, I start with the roller.
With the roller in action
Even though I have an extension rod for the roller, the roof is too high up to reach, so I have to do it on the ladder.
I should have been circus trained

More to follow, including some pictures of the Blogger helping.


  1. I've never tried using an edger. Seems like it works well enough. Do be careful on the ladder.

  2. That's what I keep telling him. At least he is out of his chair for part of the day. He's doing a good job too but I get the bits down on the floor.

  3. Gosh, you are clever doing that paint job.
    Enjoy your Nespresso!:)

  4. You are lucky Bill, that you don't have to paint your high timber ceiling. I enjoy painting but always make such a mess of myself. Thank goodness for acrylic paint.


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