14 May 2013

We're Off On Another trip

Today, we're flying to Cairns in North Queensland for a couple of tours. Firstly a four day trip on the Savanahlander Train and then on a APT tour to Cape York.

First up, Brisbane to Cairns

by Qantas, of course
You'll be able to follow us on this blog which is updated most days during the trip.


  1. " Have fun and observe signs - "Do not swim in this water". That means a croc.
    might be there and they have a habit of eating people!!!
    Also don't try the "Crocodile Dundee" stunt with a buffalo, you may
    not have the same
    karma !!
    Keep eyes peeled for "Joe Blakes" - plenty of them abound up there and
    they are somewhat
    nasty. And with those fine chosen words of wisdom have a wonderful time".

    Looking forward to your daily reports. Got your "do not e-mail" note.

    Cheers to you both

    1. We'll do our best to avoid all those 'nasties'.

  2. It does sound like a bloody great trip I look forward to the updates

  3. Enjoy your tour ! I will start mine next week, through the UK !


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