08 May 2013

Minor Renovation

When we had a new kitchen built some years ago, the installer fitted dual trash drawers under the sink. It was plastic and broke about a year later. We put up with it but the Blogger was not pleased and frequently complained to me that we should do something about it.

So, we told the kitchen company (our very nice neighbours) and they delivered a new set of drawers which looked much sturdier. That has been standing in the back bedroom now for a few months, ready for installation, but Keith (the neighbour) is aways very busy so we didn't push it.

So, this morning I decided, maybe I could install it myself. I measured and it looked a very tight fit.

I got the tools  required from the garage, opened the box and inspected the contents.

Will it fit????
 It looked a very tight fit between the pipes and the hinge of the door. I'll try, but first I need a coffee.

The old coffee machine comes in handy

It makes a decent flat white

Oh yeah, that hits the spot

OK, Back to work
I'm really getting too old for this
It works
Finished and ready to use
It goes to show, you're never too old to fit a set of trash drawers.


  1. A really good post and the old bit I empathise with.

  2. Well done you. Seems you have struck a chord with getting old bit. I had to feel around under the tv cabinet to unplug an electric plug and I think I have pulled a shoulder muscle.

  3. Amazing it all went like clockwork I didn't even hear any naughty words. Whoo hoo new clean rubbish bins. Thank you TOH and Keith.

  4. Congratulations to you always feels good when things go to plan!


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