18 March 2013

The Wonders of Technology

It's a way of life. Children grow up then they leave home. I did. The Blogger did. Inevitably our two daughters did. We accept that. In the 60's when I left my hometown and my parents to travel half way around the world, we first communicated by sending air mail letters which took 7 days to get there. In the late 70's we recorded our voices on cassettes and posted them and again they took 7 days to get there.

Of course now it is easy using Skype. My daughter, her husband and grandsons live in Los Angeles and we are regularly in instant contact with them, courtesy of Skype video calls. So we see the boys growing and developing their characters and they get to know us, their grandparents.

I've just learnt how to take screen shots with my iMac and grabbed some this morning. I caught them in the kitchen making 'smoothies.'

The picture quality is not always the best, but it's good enough to have a chat with them. Fox loves his smoothies.
And clowning around while his little brother Banjo, plays in mum's cupboard

Banjo is always very interested in Mum's iPhone when we skype and quite often presses a button and disconnects the link, but, that's what little boys do.


  1. They're both so adorable and it's doubly nice to see the expression of the two doting grandparents in the top left-hand corner as well!

  2. I would still love to hug them and their mum who is finding it tough going at the moment.

  3. skype is a great invention ! Especially for far living grandparents ! We do the same with our son in Amsterdam.

  4. And the subtext to all this is: the idea that seniors do not embrace new technology is a bit of a myth. And the story we don't have to go looking for is: You have some adorable grandchildren. (I can relate. My two grandchildren are pretty adorable, too.)


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