11 March 2013

Will I Ever Grow Up? I hope not.

Will I ever grow up? Probably not, but who cares. Ever since I was a young lad, I have been fascinated with railways, big and small. I have been fortunate to have traveled on some of the top railway journeys in Europe, the TGV from Berne to Paris, the Eurostar from Paris to London, the old TEE train from Basel to Hamburg and the Inter City from Paris to Dresden and in the Americas, the Rocky Mountaineer from Banff to Vancouver and my all-time favourite, the White Pass-Yukon Railroad in Skagway, Alaska.

So it is no surprise when I say I was excited when our local U3A camera club decided to have an outing to the Queensland Railway Workshop Museum in Ipswich this morning. It's a place I wanted to visit for years and I am very glad I did.

The Blogger took the opportunity to take some excellent shots

We tried out the seats of the Queensland Tilt Train

Inspected the old carriages

Then we toured through the still active workshop
The workshop is still used to service the steam engines which are used regularly, although only as tourist attractions these days.

This worker was showing off his welding skills on anchor bolts used in the construction of poles supporting the overhead wires for the trains.

A welder in action
There is also a large model railway set good enough to make the hearts of model train enthusiasts flutter with joy.

A fine QR model train display is on show
It was one of our best outings since we became tutors of the Logan U3A Camera Club.

Now, back to the real world.


  1. Boys and their toys. You forgot to mention That in Oz we have been from Adelaide to Sydney on the Indian Pacific and our little trips on historic trains like the Pitchi Ritchi and the Mary Rattler.

    1. No, I couldn't mention all of them, like the Glacier Express in Switzerland and the MOB from Spiez to Montreux and countless other train rides in Switzerland, and the Pichi Richi in South Australia. The Indian Pacific unfortunately I couldn't classify as a great train journey.

  2. Diane, is that a Casey Jones cap you're wearing??

    Bill, great shots. Whenever I see a model railway though, I expect to see explosions or Godzilla rampaging through, ala 60's disaster movie style!

  3. Rail journeys have never really interested me per se but I've had an inexplicable desire to do the Nullarbor Plain journey on the Indian Pacific ever since I was in Perth many years ago. Your outing sounds and looks interesting as well as enjoyable.

  4. Don't ever grow up, Wilbo, or you'll never keep hold of the curiosity and desire to see and photograph and talk about new things.

  5. My nephew is the same way. He has enjoyed trains since he could barely walk. A couple of years ago he took his girlfriend on her first steam engine train ride and proposed at the top of the mountain. :)
    I took that train myself last year. My first. I loved it and can see the attraction.
    Nice shots and I do like Diane's hat!
    Hope you took shots of the train cars that perhaps we'll see later.


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