24 September 2012

Beenleigh Car Show

We went to the Beenleigh show ground on Sunday, where there were lots of old cars on show, some of which I was driving at one stage or another, including a 1956 Ford Fairlane Galaxy, similar to one I owned in my 20s. All images are in HDR.

I used to have one just like that

There's a story to this car. I used to live in a small town in Switzerland with narrow streets. When I bought that car and angle-parked it in our main street in front of our building, it stuck out by about a metre. The local police called and asked me to parallel park it somewhere else as it was causing an obstruction in the main street. They couldn't force me but being a law-abiding person, I obliged. I parked it across the river and had to walk to and from.


  1. Grand old cars!
    My favorite's the OUR 47 - keeps me wondering whether is was supposed to look like that when driving on the road. ;-)

  2. Bill, Did you see my s-i-l Shaun and Trace?

  3. No Ann, but then I am not very observant. Di they have an exhibit?

    1. They had a purple Chevy Baracuda near the DJ and a Coronet at the back of the oval. It was their car club - Eliminators who run the show each year.

  4. Ooops! I must be fair. I commented on Diane's blog and forgot your blog. Great photos of some rather strange but well preserved old vintage cars. I have just noted Annj's reply. I gather that
    the "Baracuda" is a Chevrolet model, but what on earth is a DJ and a Coronet. I have never
    heard of those brand names for cars?
    Colin (HB)

  5. Seeing a replica of your old car in a car show must have been a great experience. I am proud that I was able to drive that type of car and hold many memories with it. Feeling the nostalgia that vintage cars can bring is the top reason why I enjoy going to car shows such as this. =)

    Delsie Maidens


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