29 September 2012

Air Traffic Controller

Our daughter Carol-Ann had to fly up from Sydney to Brisbane for work for a couple of days. We picked her up on Friday night and she spent a night with us. Tonight we took her back to the airport for her flight back to Sydney. This gave me a chance to try out

It's a web site where you can view any airplane up there in the sky flying anywhere in the world.

Here's Carol's flight:
QFA553 BNE to SYD has taken off 
7.56pm QFA53 has crossed the QLD - NSW border

QFA553 has just passed a Jetstar plane heading for BNE
it was 1000ft below at 8.09pm

QFA553 has just passed Muswelbrook at 8.35pm

QFA553 has banked to the left, heading for SYD at 8.40pm

QFA533 has now banked for Sydney at 8.48pm

The plane is in final approach at 8.50pm

Flightradar 24 is a lot of fun chasing planes all around the globe. Check out the traffic over the USA:

At other times you can't see the map from all the planes in the air, especiall over London between 6 and 8am in the morning in the UK.

Try it, have fun...


  1. I'd forgotten about that site. It is a bit of fun to play with.

  2. It sure is a lot of fun - I think the yellow planes are international flights.
    I have been clicking away and playing guessing games!!! Where is this coming from or where is that one off to. Senility I think may be setting in - ha ha! (No unwanted comments please).
    Colin (HB)

  3. This is a really neat site. Thanks Bill, that last shot of all those planes is amazing.


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